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General Skilled Migration Visa Program For Australia

The General Skilled Migration (GSM) is a visa program, which provides a chance to people that are not sponsored by an employer and possess important skills in some certain occupations required in Australia, to permanently migrate to Australia.

The major requirements for an Australia Skilled Migration Visa include:

  • Age: applicant must be under 50 at the time of applying for this visa.
  • English language ability:  applicant need to possess a sufficient ability in the English language to work in Australia.
  • Nominated occupation: when an applicant applies, he/she nominates a skilled occupation, which fits with their skills and qualifications. However, this occupation must be present on the Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List.
  • Skills assessment:  before applying, applicant needs to make sure that his/her skills have assessed by the Australian assessing authority, which is designated to assess applicant’s nominated occupation.
  • Scores:  applicant has to achieve the score specified in his/her letter of invitation anchored in the factors in the points test
  • Health assessment: applicant needs to be of reasonably good health and he/she are required to have their health assessed by a doctor and undertaken a medical examination.
  • Character assessment:  applicant must be of good character and this too will be assessed. 

Various Visa options

The General Skilled Migration (GSM) program provides various options for getting a skilled visa. Various visa categories with separate necessities and requirements are integrated within each option. These options mainly include:


The Skilled-Independent visa program is a permanent residence visa option for those points-tested skilled workers, who aim at live and work in Australia. This visa option is for those points-tested skilled workers who are not sponsored by any family member, an employer or nominated by a state or territory government. This visa program allows applicants to work and live in Australia as a permanent resident.


The Skilled Nominated visa is a type of General Skilled Migration visa program for those points-test skilled workers, who have a desire to live and work in the country after being nominated by an Australian territory or state government agency.

However, to apply for this visa applicant has to submit an expression of interest and then be invited through SkillSelect to apply further.

Moreover, applicant can be in or outside Australia when he/she applies and at the time of visa granted.


The Skilled Regional (Provisional) visa is a program under General Skilled Migration, which is suitable for skilled workers and their families to work, study and live, in particular regional areas in Australia for up to four years.

There are two main pathways for the skilled regional (provisional) visa:

•          The Invited Pathway

•          The Extended Stay Pathway – applicant must have a provisional visa in subclass 475, 487, 495 or 496

Invited Pathway: 

Applicants need to be eligible to apply for this visa. Apart from their letter of invitation, applicants must also have to send the above mentioned required documents while applying.

Extended Stay Pathway:

Those can also apply for this visa that holds a provisional visa in subclass 496, 495, 487 or 475.

The family members, who are included in an applicant visa application (in either both visa pathways); must be a family member of someone who already holds The Skilled Regional (Provisional) visa or a provisional visa in subclass 475, 487, 495 or 496.

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