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Some important Things to Know before Studying in Australia

You might consider that Australia is not quite different from your native country and that it will be little easy to study abroad there, hence you don’t have to prepare much in advance. Well, though Australia maybe won’t be as challenging as studying overseas in a developing country, but that doesn’t mean that it’s very easy.

From the process of getting your visa to be ready for the cost of living, there are many things that you must know about Australia before entering the country. 

  1.  You need a study visa

You will require a visa to study in Australia for more than three months. However, the visa process is quite easy. It all can be done online and as it is almost related to your passport, there is no need of embassy visits. Nevertheless, the visa fee is little bit high, so you need to be prepared for that. In case you study for less than three months, you are allowed to go on a regular tourist visa. 

  1. You might need to have a health insurance

In case you are going on a study abroad program, you might need to get a health insurance, as it is not always included. However, if you are going to study directly with a university in Australia, there are full chances are you will need to get health insurance. 

  1.  Be sure of where you want to study

There are many different types of places in Australia for you to pick from on your study abroad. So you really need to consider some factors before making your mind like do you prefer city or countryside or do you want to spend your free time near a beach. Moreover, some particular areas might be better for you depending on your area of study. 

  1. Australia can be quite expensive than your home country

Living in Australia can prove quite expensive than your native countries as Melbourne and Sydney often come in the top ten of the world’s most expensive cities. From house rents to groceries, be ready to experience some sticker shock, hence you need to ensure that you have a good sum of money saved. 

  1. Australia is geographically a very vast country

Many international students are dream about visiting the Great Barrier Reef, the Sydney Opera House, Uluru and the Outback and many other places, but to come to this country expecting to visit all these, can more be as a fantasy, as you need to have a great deal of time and money to spend. 

  1.  Get as much information you can get about the country

Make sure you get important facts about Australian culture and society before you begin your study abroad there. You need to be aware about certain information such as what is the capital of Australia and so on. Thus, by knowing some extra factors, you can impress your host country citizens. 

  1. Australian grading system can be different from your home country

You should be aware about the Australian grading system as you’re going to be receiving them. For instance, a “D” is actually a quite good grade. Majority of Australian universities have HD (High Distinction), D (Distinction), C (Credit), P (Pass), and F (Fail) as their grading system. 

  1.  Work opportunities in Australia

Though student visa quite prove expensive but you can get an opportunity to earn that money back. The typical study visa entitled you to work a definite amount of hours every week. In view of the high minimum wage, it might prove very beneficial. 

  1.  Be aware about the important driving rules

As it is quite possible that you may rent a car at some point while you are in Australia, thus, you should be aware about certain traffic rules like you need to know that Australians drive on the left side of the road and to be careful for traffic cameras everywhere. Moreover, you should not drive at dawn and dusk as during the early morning and late evening, kangaroos can be everywhere and it is quite hard to see them coming.

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