Partner Visa

The Australian Family Migration brook aims to bring the immediate and extended family members together with their qualified Australian relatives and acquaintances.

Partner Visa

The married or legitimate partners of Australian citizens or permanent residents are qualified to apply for Australian Spouse (Partner) Visa. The applicants can be partners of same or opposite sex. Being a temporary visa, it is issued for a period of two years, after which the relationship of the partners is reexamined and sighted. If the Australian government considers it authentic and genuine, then the applicant is issued a permanent visa.


In order to attain eligibility for Partner (Spouse (Partner)) Visa, the applicant should have sponsoring partner of minimum 18 years in age.

Partners or fiances must be either Australian citizen or permanent residents of the country.

Most importantly, the applicants should be authentically married or in a de facto relationship. If they are in a de facto relationship, partners can be of opposite or same sex.

They should be in a relationship for minimum twelve months and should authentically exhibit the verification of their genuine commitment.

In case the applicants come under the category of Onshore Spouse (Partner), they are entitled to hold a lawful visa and must be in Australia till the visa is being issued.

For offshore categories, the prospective marriage visa must be applied by the applicants when they are outside the country till the time visa is approved.

The applicants must fulfill the health and character requirements.

Australian Spouse (Partner) Visa is issued and processed in two stages. First being when the visa is issued after all the major authentications are done for a period of two years. Second stage is when the relation of the applicants and dependants is reexamined after two years to deem genuine or fake. Once this is done, the Permanent spouse Visa is issued.

After the approval, the permanent visa holders become permanent residents of the country.

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