Post Landing Services

As the famous saying goes, ‘change is the only constant’. It is essential for us to adapt to new situations, as that is the only way to move ahead in life.

It feels as though everything is out of order when we have the rearrange furniture within our house… And now imagine moving to a whole new country amongst an unknown crowd with little to no contacts!! Even though it is a very daunting task, we at OSPL are here to help. Your settlement in every way will give us sheer happiness. We do not make clients, we make friends.

At OSPL, we make sure that your journey through migration is safe and pleasant, by being there with you every step of the way. As much as we are there to help celebrate the joys of getting an Australian or Canadian visa, we will also help to counter your difficulties post landing.

  • Accommodation – Initially, we provide you with a home that is suitable for you and your needs. We offer time for you to get acquainted with things around you, and then also provide services to help you with arranging accommodation later on in your journey.
  • Essentials – Our representatives will help you in opening a bank account, organising your health insurance, and obtaining a driving license. We also provide assistance and information in regards to your kids and school admissions, and any other basic necessities that you may need.
  • Job Assistance(Australia only) – We understand that you have changed everything in your life, and a satisfactory job is a must. Our representatives will assist you throughout the process, from preparing an excellent resume, as per the Australian requirements, through to placements in many of the recognized companies and organisations in Australia. Any and every kind of assistance will be provided to you in this regard.

“It’s not the strongest or the most intelligent who will survive but those who can manage changes well.” We at OSPL are there to assist you and help you manage things in a new place. Your settlement in every way will give us sheer happiness. We do not make clients, we make friends.

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