Terms And Conditions

Welcome to OSPL. We value this opportunity to represent you for your immigration matter/s.

Commitment of Offshore Services Pvt. Ltd. (OSPL) for you (Client):

Based on the preliminary consultation, after you get registered with OSPL as a client, we at OSPL will endow you with a comprehensive cost agreement and terms relevant and specific to your case. Your case will be processed under direct supervision of our Registered MARA Agent (RMA)/Principal Migration Consultant in Australia, guaranteeing that there isn’t any delay in the service and your case will encompass suitable and appropriate documentation.

To endow you with comprehensive and professional services we are open for discussions and you can convene with our Registered MARA Agent (RMA)/ Principal Migration Consultant at our designated office/head office with a scheduled appointment. This would ensure that all your queries/questions wouldbe managed meticulously (either over phone or in person, if required).

Further, to make your immigration process hassle free, OSPL reserves all rights to verify your immigration history and proffer appropriate consultation. This will facilitate you, as a client, and OSPL, as your Appointed Consultant, to work out and make all the possibilities available to rectify your issues/shortfalls (if any) in order to experience a smooth and hassle free migration process.

You will be advised, in writing, as to what all documents are to be provided (stage wise) so that you are not under stress and you are competent to provide these on time. The intimation for these documents will be given in progression to shun away any last minute hassles.

The services provided by OSPL will be professional and by veterans, as your case will be processed under the guidance of a Lawyer & MARA agent and an ex- immigration officer.

Legal Responsibility:

You can decide, if you want to or don’t want to accept the services provided by OSPL till you make the initial payment.You opt for accepting these conditions once you make the payment to embark on using our services.

OSPL does not certify/guarantee a visa as an outcome; instead, paramount services will be rendered with your mutual aid and collaboration in order to make your case positive. OSPL has no control over the time taken by the Immigration department or other authorities neither can guarantee any outcome.

Breakdown of fees

For the rationale of this agreement, the fee charged by OSPL is for the expert and veteran services proffered by our officers (RMA)/ Principal Migration Consultant. OSPL, in no way, shall charge any fee in certification/guarantee of a visa. This will be shared with you in a separate document.

Expenses and Third Party Costs

Once you befall as a Client of OSPL, our officers will acknowledge you with an estimate of the total fee associated with your case (including any third party fee). All expenses and third party costs will be borne by you and remunerated directly to the relevant authorities.

Terminating this agreement

You can terminate and end this agreement at any given point of time by writing to us and intimating us about the termination from your side, at least fifteen days prior. Nonetheless, you will be legally accountable for paying any outstanding fees.

You will be required to pay the outstanding dues even if we have not asked for any fees at the time you terminate this agreement.

Client care and concern

It is imperative to us that you, as our client, are satisfied and fulfilled by the work we do. If you have any queries or complaints, please contact your case manager as soon as you can. Be certain about the fact that we will deal with your queries and complaints expeditiously. Alternatively, you can also email us at feedback@offshoreimmi.com. We will ensure that your feedback is responded and adhered to within two business days.

Refund policy

For instance, if the visa application gets rejected and our management, after detailed and thorough investigation, is led to acknowledge that the rejection was due to incorrect advice/consultation/out dated information proffered by officers/RMA of OSPL; we will refund the fee paid to OSPL ONLY. The fee paid to any third party is not refundable.

However, if the agreement is terminated prior to conclusion of our consultation/advocacy services, the client will be accountable to pay fee for services actually availed plus additional costs at the rates computed by your client case manager(not to go beyond the agreed fee, prescribed). If an exact record of time actually spent isn’t available, OSPL shall proffer a good faith estimate.

Please note the initial retainer fee is non refundable.


This client service agreement encompasses the agreement between you as our client and us. You do not own any rights arising from anything not being included in this document. Changes to these conditions will not apply unless they are in writing and signed by the Principal Migration Consultant/RMA.

You are measured to have accepted the terms of this client service agreement once you go ahead with your case, either by accepting the terms and conditions or by paying any part of our fees.


Make a note that the fee is not inclusive of any third party and does not include any government fees.

Making Payment

Payments acknowledged and accepted through secured online payment gateway:

You can pay by bank transfer. Please note our bank account details mentioned below; also commit to memory to include your case number as payment reference.

Account Name:Offshore Services Pvt. Ltd.

Bank: ICICI bank


Account Number – 125405000221

Payment Plans

The consultancy fee is remunerated in installments or in full (as agreed upon). Applicants can get a facility of part payment at the sole discretion of RMA or Principal Migration Consultant.

Kindly note: If you would like to change your method of payment, please inform us at least 15 days prior to the date of your next instalment.

Evasion on your payment plan

Any failure to adhere to the agreed payment plan will result in the outstanding balance becoming owed immediately & no process will be carried forward unless the outstanding balance is paid.

Accepting this agreement

In accordance with international contract law, you would have accepted this agreement once you pay your deposit and act in line with the conditions in it.

Offshore Services Pvt. Ltd. is rated 4.9 (

)out of 5.0 as Visa & Immigration Consultant