Tourist Visa

Australia ushers tourists and wanderlust lovers wanting to visit the country and explore the beauty of it.

If applicants are willing to visit their relatives and acquaintances in Australia, they can appropriately apply to obtain Australian Tourist Visa. This Tourist Visa is specifically for the tourist stream, for all the enthusiasts who are willing to sight the beauty of the country, for sightseeing, recreational activities or to visit acquaintances and family members.

Australian Tourist Visa permits stays of 3 or 6 months in Australia, while stay of up to 12 months can be permitted as well. But, the duration of the Australian Tourist Visa is determined on a firm case by case basis wherein it can also be less than the duration you applied for. A stay of more than 12 months is only granted in exceptional circumstances and this provisional Visa permits the holder to stay in Australia for three months or six months; according to the duration, commencing the date of every entry in the country.


Being an offshore Visa, applicants can conveniently apply online.

In pursuit of Tourist Visa, applicants must have a reliable purpose to visit Australia; for spending leisure time or meeting acquaintances.

It is mandatory that you follow the rules affixed with the visa, as an applicant you cannot work in Australia and you are not eligible to study for more than three months during your stay in Australia.

It is necessary that the applicants are competent to accomplish the character and health requirements.

Applicants must be competent to institute the possession of sufficient finances to hold up their travel and exploration in Australia.

Being an offshore Visa, applicants must be outside Australia while the Visa is being issued. Conversely, if applicants are willing to extend their stay in Australia, they must be in the country, till the Visa extension is approved.

If your Australian Tourist Visa was permitted with a “No further stay” condition, you aren’t allowed to apply for any other Visa when you are at Australia, except in exceptional circumstances.

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