OSPL has been in operation since 2013 and has been able to provide quality immigration consultancy to plenty of migrants now settled in Australia.

OSPL has a strong background of immigration consultancy,

  • it is run by an ex Australian Immigration officer having firsthand knowledge of visa processing, hence making it easy for judging the right immigration processing as this can be cumbersome most of the times
  • Secondly, OSPL has a registered MARA agent on its panel giving an edge over other consultants where your files are doubly checked by two experts and filed accordingly.
  • since the company has its operations in Australia as well, it certainly becomes an extra cushion for applicants having such a local experience and knowledge on board.
  • We provide quality consultancy in the most affordable prices with a guarantee of refunding money in-case the visa doe s not come through (since we charge in stages and not in full advance, it makes easier for us and you to cope with expenses), of course the rejection will be investigated and necessary refund policies considered.
  • We specialise in Australian and Canadian permanent visas because we concentrate on the basics of visa processing. We respect your time and care for your every penny spent. Hence we keep our process and fee transparent and consistent. You will know we claim what we possess.

We help immigrants and students to fulfil their dreams as we understand, since our Director is an immigrant and settled in Australia as well, how challenging it becomes to pull through a new culture altogether. We assist new immigrants to participate in beneficial get-togethers, advice on relevant registrations and courses (if applicable), overall we help settle new migrants in a new atmosphere.

Register with us and:

  • We will guide you step by step for your Australian visa needs
  • Customize the application process as required
  • Offer affordable payment plans including instalment options (through secured payment gateway)
  • We will prepare and formulate an error free application, i.e. decision ready
  • Communicate and deal with the prospective Immigration Visa Office
  • Manage all communication with the Visa Office and the Processing center until your Visa is decided

Offshore Services Pvt. Ltd. is rated 4.9 (

)out of 5.0 as Visa & Immigration Consultant